Company Details

Company Details

The Schurtek Group came into being on the 27th November of 2003, when Founder Karl Schürmann had a vision of building a strong and reliable communications company that would be able to service South African businesses with the growing requirements of the 21st century.

Every year new communications technologies and innovations are becoming more accessible to developing businesses, and The Schurtek Group has tasked themselves with the responsibility of empowering South African businesses with these Technologies.

Now sitting in their 6th year of existence, the Schurtek Group has begun paving the way to realising the full potential of neotechnologies in a growing South African Economy.

With an extensive in house range of services as well as outsourced services to fill the gaps, The Schurtek Group is fast becoming the one-stop data logistics solutions provider.

On the 20th of September 2006, The Schurtek Group was registered with CIPRO as a Closed Corporation. Schurtek Business Solutions CK 2006/163947/23.

The Schurtek Group currently has four shareholders/members:
  1. Karl Schürmann - Founding Member & Technical Manager
  2. Magda Schürmann - Financial Manager
  3. Kirsten Schürmann - Silent Partner
  4. Cindy Jansen Van Rensburg - Silent Partner

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